Day 9 – November 30 day writing challenge

“Turn a Tweet into a haiku.”

“Where is the blower?

I can’t find them anywhere!

This is a witch hunt!”

P.s.a: I do not endorse, nor approve of anything relating to Mr Trump.

P.s.a+: I’m joining the challenge late, I know.

Motivational quotes for a Monday evening — Katherine’s Blog

At the end of the Monday, the best way to end up the day is think positive about the actions that took place within the day and to focus on tomorrow. In this post I will share with you a few quotes about Monday and the days to come. Hope you will enjoy the quotes […]

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The Land of a Thousand Lakes

I recently travelled to Finland with a group of friends on a rather spontaneous whim. To shed a little light, one of these friends is a Fin. The plan was to visit his homeland, spend a few days at his parents summer-house and meet some of his old friends. Great, I get some culture and I get to expand my social circle. Win/win. There was supposed to be four of us leaving from Stockholm on a gloomy thursday morning, until we received a message from member number 4 stating that they had overslept after a night of drinking. We had barely begun to mourn before we were hit with another sms stating that he had bought a plane ticket for the next flight and would meet us there. That was dedication to the cause if I ever saw it.

The flight was just long enough to get in a quick power nap, take a few obligatory cloud photographs, then admire the view as we circled and landed in Helsinki. We took a scenic stroll through the city, taking in the architecture and noting the similarities when compared with some parts of Stockholm. After some time spent under the gaze of the sun we stopped at a grocery store to get a few supplies then headed to a beautiful park (See: Esplanadi) to relax and soak up the view whilst we waited for our fourth compadré.   Time quickly passed and we moved on to our next destination – the Cathedral. A popular tourist spot, and the perfect place to park ourselves and enjoy another view for a while.

Eventually we received word that our friend had landed and went off to meet him based on a vague set of instructions that may or may not have consisted of “I’m near some giant balls”. Fast forward a few hours and we’re in a friend of our friends RV, heading towards the summerhouse whilst enjoying our pre-made playlist and a bunch of card games.


Several naps and stops later we reached the Hartola area, and (what felt like) took the RV off-road into the forest to find the elusive summerhouse.

— At this point I feel like I’m just droning on. Essentially a lot of alcohol was consumed, alongside lots of snacks and a great deal of time spent in a sauna. Thanks to Jeremias, Michael, Thomas, Pirita, Toffe and Op for making my first trip to Finland a very memorable one. Kippis.


A boat, some boys and some beverages

About a month ago I took a very impromptu trip to Tallinn, Estonia. The invite was to join for a friends bachelor party was passed out over a beer one day after work, and the following week we were on a boat in the ocean. Not all stories are without their pain, however. For us, in this specific instance, the main event – our groom to be, was denied access to the boat. Something to do with not having a passport with him at the time, meaning he had to go home whilst the rest of us went onto the ship to celebrate him… without him.

We drank and drank and partied and partied, then we got the news that our fellow had gone and bought a plane ticket to meet us at Tallinn. Sure enough, as we shielded our eyes from the not-so-bright sun, there he was at the boarding gate waiting for us. Moods perked up, we spent a lovely day in Tallinn, and I finally got to meet a friend of mine that coincidentally was only a few minutes away from us the whole time there. We boarded the ship and began to party again until the early hours of the following morning.

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Simple Prompt – A Slave by Choice

The sun was setting, the guards clocking off,

Slave two met slave one and began to scoff,

“why don’t you leave? The road to the forest is unguarded”

“Why would I leave?” The notion was disregarded.

“I get my food, my workout and my friends,

If I were to leave, then that would all end.

I’ve been here for 10 years, it’s all I now know,

You’re new here, the choice is easy. For me, it’s a no.”


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Simple prompt – Poverty Charges Interest

In a world where the poor stay poor,

The rich get richer, and just keep earning more,

Earn less than the threshold set by your peer?

Uh oh, hold on, the interest is near.

For the law was passed by those in control,

With no reasoning, no truth, nor attempt to console,

Whilst we struggle to afford rent, and food and things,

The rich get richer, and eat like kings.

“Can we not spread it out?” a protester was crying,

“Share what you don’t need, you’ll stop all this vying”

The comments were met with a heinous uproar,

“Go back to your hovel, the poor shall stay poor


The street’s alight with yellows and blues,

Spread the word, spread the news,

They’re building the floats, and prepping the foam,

It’s that time again, the Pride festival has come home.

With rainbows and sparkles, and glitter and sunshine,

We’ll dance and we’ll drink, and we’ll have a good time,

Save the date to dress and be queer

Go out, have fun, the Pride festival is here.



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