A boat, some boys and some beverages

About a month ago I took a very impromptu trip to Tallinn, Estonia. The invite was to join for a friends bachelor party was passed out over a beer one day after work, and the following week we were on a boat in the ocean. Not all stories are without their pain, however. For us, in this specific instance, the main event – our groom to be, was denied access to the boat. Something to do with not having a passport with him at the time, meaning he had to go home whilst the rest of us went onto the ship to celebrate him… without him.

We drank and drank and partied and partied, then we got the news that our fellow had gone and bought a plane ticket to meet us at Tallinn. Sure enough, as we shielded our eyes from the not-so-bright sun, there he was at the boarding gate waiting for us. Moods perked up, we spent a lovely day in Tallinn, and I finally got to meet a friend of mine that coincidentally was only a few minutes away from us the whole time there. We boarded the ship and began to party again until the early hours of the following morning.

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One thought on “A boat, some boys and some beverages”

  1. Wow! This man who flew all rhe way to Estonia sounds like a top shagger and a champion. Can’t blame him too much though for missing the boat as from what I’ve heard, boat security is usually pretty loose, so it is an understandable mistake. Sweet pics. Keep the blog going!


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