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Day 9 – November 30 day writing challenge

“Turn a Tweet into a haiku.”

“Where is the blower?

I can’t find them anywhere!

This is a witch hunt!”

P.s.a: I do not endorse, nor approve of anything relating to Mr Trump.

P.s.a+: I’m joining the challenge late, I know.

Simple Prompt – A Slave by Choice

The sun was setting, the guards clocking off,

Slave two met slave one and began to scoff,

“why don’t you leave? The road to the forest is unguarded”

“Why would I leave?” The notion was disregarded.

“I get my food, my workout and my friends,

If I were to leave, then that would all end.

I’ve been here for 10 years, it’s all I now know,

You’re new here, the choice is easy. For me, it’s a no.”


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Simple prompt – Poverty Charges Interest

In a world where the poor stay poor,

The rich get richer, and just keep earning more,

Earn less than the threshold set by your peer?

Uh oh, hold on, the interest is near.

For the law was passed by those in control,

With no reasoning, no truth, nor attempt to console,

Whilst we struggle to afford rent, and food and things,

The rich get richer, and eat like kings.

“Can we not spread it out?” a protester was crying,

“Share what you don’t need, you’ll stop all this vying”

The comments were met with a heinous uproar,

“Go back to your hovel, the poor shall stay poor


The street’s alight with yellows and blues,

Spread the word, spread the news,

They’re building the floats, and prepping the foam,

It’s that time again, the Pride festival has come home.

With rainbows and sparkles, and glitter and sunshine,

We’ll dance and we’ll drink, and we’ll have a good time,

Save the date to dress and be queer

Go out, have fun, the Pride festival is here.



Mung Poem #1

A home was given, abundant with toys,

For the puppy to play with and make so much noise.

“What is his name?” everybody asked, “we must know”

“oh, right, my mistake,  this is Rollo”.


It wasn’t long before the puppy was scared,

A beast stood before it, with long tabby hair.

It purred and it purred, loud, long and flat,

We’d reached the first boss: The family cat.


They rolled and they tussled, all over the floor,

Dancing and prancing, but not a thing more.

Not a conflict was had in that entire time,

They’d play and they’d run, come rain or come shine.


A bit of time passed, where life was so quiet,

The pup became piggy and needed a diet,

His walks were increased, through the forests he leapt,

But when they got home, he slept and he slept.


He climbed into the car, this mechanical beast

As it started to move, the joy was decreased

They went to the farm, walking this and that course,

Now came boss number 2: The monstrous horse.


It galloped towards them, dust blooming behind

Whilst growling and snorting, the pup tried to hide.

It got to the masters, so big and so scary,

She didn’t mean harm, no, quite the contrary!


The pup was afraid, he was brimming with tension,

But soon realised the horse wanted attention.

She nuzzled and nested, right there where they stood,

To get her carrot, candy and scrub!


The sun was to set, it was time to go back,

The horse walked behind with a clickety-clack.

They got home that evening, the pup was so tired,

He curled up in his blankets until sleep was acquired.


Fast forward a little, the mistress wanted another,

Dog 1 meet dog 2, your new little brother.

He was fluffy and soft, like a small baby bear,

“Look out, be careful, Tonto’s just there!”


to be continued…