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Day 9 – November 30 day writing challenge

“Turn a Tweet into a haiku.”

“Where is the blower?

I can’t find them anywhere!

This is a witch hunt!”

P.s.a: I do not endorse, nor approve of anything relating to Mr Trump.

P.s.a+: I’m joining the challenge late, I know.

Simple prompt – Poverty Charges Interest

In a world where the poor stay poor,

The rich get richer, and just keep earning more,

Earn less than the threshold set by your peer?

Uh oh, hold on, the interest is near.

For the law was passed by those in control,

With no reasoning, no truth, nor attempt to console,

Whilst we struggle to afford rent, and food and things,

The rich get richer, and eat like kings.

“Can we not spread it out?” a protester was crying,

“Share what you don’t need, you’ll stop all this vying”

The comments were met with a heinous uproar,

“Go back to your hovel, the poor shall stay poor